A Fort Wayne Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help

In a split second, a motorcycle accident can change your life forever.

When other people hear about motorcycle accidents, they immediately assume the motorcyclist was at fault. They wrongly believe that all motorcyclists are careless, reckless, and commonly speed.

Insurance companies will try to use these misconceptions and cultural bias against you to unfairly deny or limit your injury claims.

We won’t let them.

We understand motorcycle accidents.

We understand the dynamics of motorcycle accidents. We know exactly how to protect your rights.

The truth is that motorcycle riders are frequently the safest drivers on the road. Motorcycle accidents are more often than not the fault of another driver.

The failure of car drivers to detect and recognize motorcycles in traffic is by far the main hazard for bikers.

Statistics show that approximately 75% of all motorcycle accidents involve collisions with a passenger automobile where the car driver was at fault.

In multiple vehicle accidents, the driver of the other vehicle violates the biker’s right-of-way in more than two-thirds of all accidents.

If you or someone you know has been hurt during a motorcycling accident, our Indiana motorcycle accident attorney team is ready to help.

Motorcycle accident victims deserve an edge. The way to gain that edge is by finding a law firm that understands the people who ride motorcycles. This is exactly what our experienced Indiana motorcycle accident lawyers do.

Do I Have a Good Motorcycle Accident Case?

The first thing we do is let you know if you have a good motorcycle accident case.

To do that, we need to act quickly. Conducting a thorough accident investigation is the key to building a strong case. Here’s how we do it.

  • We promptly review all investigative reports.
  • We thoroughly inspect the accident scene, the motorcycle, and the other vehicles.
  • We locate all traffic-crash evidence, including blood transfers, clothing scuffs, broken parts, tire skids, pavement scrapes, and yaw marks.
  • We interview the parties and all eyewitnesses.
  • We photograph all visible injuries and physical evidence.

After the initial on-scene inspection, our accident reconstruction experts can compare the physical evidence from the scene inspection with our interviews and injury information.

Our investigative team then reconstructs the events that occurred just before, during, and after the crash. This allows us to build the best case for you.

Our gold-standard investigation does not stop there.

While we are investigating your personal injury claim, our Indiana motorcycle accident attorneys are also helping ensure that you are fully compensated for all property damage.

An experienced Indiana motorcycle accident lawyer understands the difference between a touring bike, cruiser, and sport bike. Whether you own a Harley-Davidson Sportster, Kawasaki Ninja, Suzuki Hayabusa, or a one-of-a-kind motorcycle, we know how to identify the most accurate street value for your bike.

Choosing the Right Fort Wayne Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Make All the Difference

The impact of a motorcycle accident can have devastating consequences for you and your family.

Working with an Indiana motorcycle accident attorney who understands the nature and long-term consequences of your injuries is critical for your success.

Because motorcycle accident injuries are often so severe, you will likely accumulate a significant amount of medical bills. The financial pressures can be overwhelming, especially for conditions that require expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Even a mild spinal cord injury or a mild brain injury can cost you and your family hundreds of thousands of dollars. The lifetime costs for a severe traumatic head injury can reach $4 million.

Each year in the United States there are over 75,000 motorcycle accidents. Approximately 4,000 fatalities each year are caused by motorcycle wrecks. In fact, in over 95% of all fatalities involving a crash between a car and motorcycle, it is the motorcycle driver who dies.

Motorcycle accident victims often experience severe personal injuries because they lack the physical protection of a car.

Broken bones, burns, facial disfigurement and even paralysis, disability, or death are common outcomes of motorcycle accidents. While helmets can save your life, they cannot always protect against a traumatic brain injury which can lead to personality changes, cognitive difficulties and a lifetime of pain and disability.

Our Indiana motorcycle accident lawyers know your injuries can have longstanding effects above and beyond the physical pain.

We know that you want and deserve a law firm with a proven track record of success on your side.


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