While our firm handles a wide array of legal matters, the firm had its start in litigation. With Randy Young, Attorney at Law, we understand that different legal situations require different styles of representation. Many of our litigation matters settle out of court, whether through a dismissal or negotiated settlement. In order to ascertain whether or not a case should settle, we evaluate the case for strengths and weaknesses. If a company has liability, they should be aware of what the liability is. If a company has a weakness in its claims, it should be aware of that weakness. It is through understanding the weaknesses along with the strengths that the case can best be leveraged.

While we believe in being open during mediation or other alternative dispute resolution, the attorneys of the firm strongly believe that an aggressive stance is necessary in litigation. Not only does aggressively pursuing the case mean a stronger presence in the legal action, it typically makes it more likely that the other side will negotiate in good faith. This does not mean that a company should be overly litigious or simply bury the other side in paperwork, but it does mean that an aggressive pursuit of the case can mean a more favorable result.

To go over a litigation matter with one of our attorneys, contact us below. During the consultation, the attorney can go over the facts of your situation, your legal options, and a strategy that best suits the circumstances of the case.


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